ACT TV 2016


27 Apr 2016

"The objective is not less the category"

"The objective is not less the category"

San Pedro Ecolmare's trianer, Mikel Arostegi, value the preseason of his team and he make the decision to stay one more year in San Miguel League getting better marks than the last year

The rowing boat of San Pedro Ecolmare has started the preparation for the fourteenth edition of the San Miguel League. This year is going to be the ninth participation of the 'Libia' for the fight of the 'CaixaBank' Crown since they ascended in 2007. This new year comes with novelty, Mikel Arostegi is going to make a debut as a coach at the maxim competition of the rowing.

The new trainer of the 'Libia' says that "at the beginning, we started very tight but with the level that we showed at the descense, we are very happy". It wasn't easy work started the preseason with all the efficiency, given that, "seven rowers left the roster, the moral of the team was down and pull up this moral i wasn´t easy". In general, Mikel Arostegi, is "happy" with the work that is doing as the coach of San Pedro Ecolmare.

The objective that Mikel Arostegi had imposed is "mantain the category", but he see his team with forces to stay at the "top eight" , althaough, is not going to be easy work. Regarding to the favourites, the coach of San Pedro Ecolmare predict that "NT2 Hondarribia is going to be at the top and Urdaibai Avia is going to be behind them, after those rowin teams are going to be the rest".

Finally, the trainer of the 'Libia', is ilusionated that the start of San Miguel League and the battle of 'CaixaBank' Crown will be in Sevilla, "I rowed there, and for me is really good place to row". In less than two months, we will see San Pedro Ecolmare's rowing boat, one more year, rowing with the bests.