02 Mar 2016

"Stay in ACT would be a success"

"Stay in ACT would be a success"

Patxi Frances value the preseason of the Zumaia´s boat

Zumaia's rowing boat has been started the preseason. The manager of "Telmo Deun", Patxi Francés, speaked with us about the impressions of the rowers in this preseason to fight for the permanence in a new edition of CaixaBank Crown.

After obtained the pass to compete in the San Miguel League, the rowers of Patxi Francés will try mantain the category. "We are conscius that it's very difficult job but we are working hard for that", says the trainer. 

The oportunity for row with the bests they have in mind, the trainer is realistic and is working at 100% to"obtain points at the first regattas, very important points for a team of our characteristics".

The challenge for Zumaia is not easy job seen the level of the San Miguel League, but "the rowers and the town of Zumaia are feeling like with the idea that we are going to maintain the category", finish Patxi Francés.