24 Feb 2016

Bettter than past years

Bettter than past years

Dani Pérez assess the preaseason 

Astillero´s rowing boat has started the preseason with good feelings. The coach of the team, Dani Pérez, spoke with us about the impressions of the preaseason the last 13th of february in the regatta celebrated in Hondarribia.

This year, Astillero could train with two rowing boats, in spite of that, they have some problems with the materials and infraestructures. In Dani Pérez opinion "We were to be spected on a improvment in the material and infraestructure, but we are working good in the water with two trawllers on winter. In this case, we are better than past years". 

Dani Pérez let knew us that until now the trains have been to get better physical condition. Is too soon to draw conclusions, but the coach of Astillero is happy with the leap of the rowers. "We are working good rowing, is notable that we worked this last year. We are doing better preaseason".

Dani Pérez seems happy with the new 10 rowers that they have obtained. The objective for this year are get regularity, start with conviction on sea regatta and get better time tha past years. "We want to enjoy on the regattas and enjoy with the ACT" explains Dani Pérez.

If the progression of the preseason and Dani Pérez expections are true, it´s probably that we were talking about a strong rowing boat.