18 Oct 2018

Fixed course of growth

Fixed course of growth
The Eusko Label League rebounds and is valued at 36 million euros, with direct impacts of more than one million euros on day centers
The Eusko Label League has put an end to its season recently in the waters of Portugalete. After a summer in which the battle for the CaixaBank Crown has been extended for 19 days and where more than 450,000 euros were distributed in prizes. In addition, the Euskotren League has also expanded its calendar, has put into practice the four best female practices over 14 days.
All this intense summer, in which the equality between the crews has marked the rhythm of the races, has become a rebound of the audience, obtaining a 10.6 share of media in the 19 live broadcasts made in ETB. A Eusko Label League, it should be noted and as usual, which has also been broadcast live on TVG. And despite this great upturn in the screen share compared to last year, more than a point and a half, on-site assistance has also increased. Achieving an average of attendance in the regattas held in Euskadi of 17,000 attendees, while those of Galicia and Cantabria obtained an average of 12,000 spectators.
And this race public growth can be seen in the following example. II Bandeira Cidade da Coruña, second time that Eusko Label League visited the Praia de Riazor although this time twice, it had an impact on the live show in A Coruña of 1,050,000 euros, five times the number achieved in the first edition. In this study conducted by the Tourism Observatory of the Council of La Coruña, it is also concluded that the event is a very positive platform to attract visitors and promote the city.
Regarding the impact of communication, the web has experienced a growth of almost 20% in the visit index, obtaining almost 2,500,000 throughout the campaign. By way of curiosity, Russia is the second country (1.51%) that most visits the web, while France (1.32%) and the United States (0.62%) complete the head. Within the languages, spanish is the most used, exceeding 90%, while english occupies second place with 4%. 2% of the visits are carried out by Galician and Euskara.
Already in the section of social networks, Facebook has achieved nearly 6,000,000 impressions with a commitment of 6.8%. On Twitter, where you work with three accounts, 3,845,321 impressions have been achieved, while the commitment reaches 14.2%. Two channels, Facebook and Twitter, in which there has been a commitment to live broadcasts such as awards activities, presentations and even the gala of the Eusko label League, which this year will gather on June 7 to 900 guests in El Fronton Bizkaia. But there has been a channel that has experienced great growth, which has been Instagram with more than 127,000 interactions and a reach of 1,645,000.
Finally, ACT TV continues to grow with a production of 150 videos and 800,000 views. With regard to the web application, the growth has been total with more than 300,000 views. An application that, among other things, allows you to follow the GPS signal live during the race.
All these results. They brought. An impact study. A means of access. A group. Once again. 3,000 information
However, the ACT is in constant evolution, not only in terms of communication and marketing, but also continues to introduce improvements in the technological environment such as the agreement this season with Zunibal and in which the Boya Ante has been giving time The actual direction, size and series of the wave that entered the racing field. To that, it is necessary to see the technology that has been accompanying the competition in recent years, such as the use of GPS, video cameras or audio incorporated in trawlers.